Sunday, February 2, 2014

Going to the Chapel

And they're gonna get married...going to the chapel and they're going to get married...going to the chapel of love...
When we got back to Malaysia a guy Cody works with was getting married. I won't pretend to know anything about Islamic/Indian/Hindu weddings. I'm not even 100% sure what religion this wedding was. I *think* Cody told me the bride and groom were Muslim, but like I said...not sure.
I'll tell you all what I was told. The groom, Bard, works with Cody. Him and the bride (never knew her name) were actually married the day before. Apparently the actual marriage ceremony is very small and private...basically family only. The next day there is a HUGE feast with traditional food and music. There were lot of people there. We were the only white people there and I am 100% sure I am the only woman whose legs were showing, or arms for that matter. LOL! I felt my dress was respectable and didn't show anything really though.
That is literally all I I'll just share pictures!
The groom coming in. There were men playing drums and dancing around him and these neat "trees" that were made with candy on them. Check him out...under the umbrella with the sunglasses on. I'm pretty sure he kept them on almost all day. Even through a majority of pictures.
 Some of the food that was served. I passed on it...No offense but I just can't stomach anything with fish heads or any type of bones in it. To each their own.
Cody's been here too long. He eats local food with no problems and eats just like the utensils. LOL!
They used real dishes and has someone sitting here washing them through out the meal to keep clean plates and cups for everyone.
  Us with the bride and groom.
 These cool paper flowers were every where...and when it started to rain and they got wet, the red dye stained everything. That's a hard boiled egg in the mesh bag attached to the clue of the significance.
 We must have really been unique for this woman because she took a TON of pictures of us all! I found her on Facebook and we are actually in a few of her Facebook pictures! WooHoo, we are Facebook famous!
 Claire literally makes me so mad you can probably see steam come out my ears...what is wrong with a normal smile?!?!?!
 I should've kidnapped this little fellow. Too bad his parents were standing right there...BOO!
There was a huge crowd there!

Claire thought she was big stuff because so many people wanted pictures with her.
 Cody with the bride, groom and all the guys he works with. Who knew Superman was Malay?
 Close up of the bride. Her makeup was FLAWLESS and her hands had a lot of henna on them.
 I'm beginning to think that I'm not the only one in this family with a soft spot for old people. Lately every time we go somewhere Cody seems to gravitate toward them and then holds court with them forever!
This is the wife and children of one of the guys Cody works with. Everyone wanted a picture with the white folks. I hope we didn't steal the bride and grooms thunder...or maybe we made them more popular because how many people here have a whole white family at their wedding?!?!
It was a neat experience. Although we didn't get to see the actual wedding, this "reception" or whatever they call it was interesting. Few people spoke English, those that did weren't super good, and those that didn't tried to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. Everyone was friendly and made us feel welcome. After the reception, we headed home for naps! The heat wears ya out!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Dreaming

I'm day dreaming of...

cooking meals in this kitchen with the kids and Cody harassing me the whole time.

Planting flowers, sitting on the back porch with a cold beverage, and working in the garden.
Bonfires with friends and family...the more the merrier!

Going fishin'!
Christmas projects, trees and evenings in front of the fireplace.


Friends and family that I can't wait to see and spend time with again!
Watching the kids play in the backyard.
 Even the big ones!
Snugglin' up on the couch with this girl. She's the best!

 Family projects, the kids all piling into our bed every evening, summer nights spent at the park, the smell of fresh cut grass, the beauty of fresh fallen snow, fleece pj pants, hoodies and boots...the list goes on and on...I'm day dreaming of March 3! Only 2 months, 21 days, 6 hours and 44 minutes to go. But who's counting!!?!?!?





Thursday, December 5, 2013

Round is a Shape

Round is a shape. Circles are round. Rings are round. Donuts are round. Cakes, candies, coke cans...all the good stuff is round. Why can't I be round and happy? Why can't we all just be in shape and that shape be round!?!? I happen to enjoy round things. Just not myself. Once upon a time in a land far far away, I thought I was a princess who could eat and eat and eat and maintain a perfect figure with no exercise at all I considered myself in shape. And that shape wasn't round. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't round.

Now though, the time has come when I have to admit something...I've had 4 kids and would rather snuggle on the couch with a good book Cody and a bottle glass of wine than exercise. Why you may ask?! Because that sh*t is hard work! Ha! And he's a pretty good snuggler. You're muscles get sore, you're tired and hungry and all the food looks and tastes soooooo good. Plus, who even knows where to start. Yoga? Isn't that for flexible hippies? Weight lifting? Uhm...yeah, I don't want to look like the hulk. Running? Dude! Have you ever been on a treadmill?!?!?! No really, seriously, EVER!? It's hard and who wants to run? Who wants to punish themselves like that!!!!!

Not me. Nope. I'll take a pass on that. Or so I thought. I really didn't like being round though. I could not have ran to the end of the driveway to save my life. I would have died from lack of oxygen. I knew coming to Malaysia though that we would have a gym at our apartment complex. And as much as I didn't want to have sore muscles and be tired and hungry and let's face it...I really didn't want to sweat for anything other than the "fun" of it any more than necessary, I told Cody I was going to use the gym when we got here. I was determined to change my shape from round to more oblong with some fluff in only the right places. Holy hell how was I going to do that though?

After we moved into our apartment and got settled in I began walking on the treadmill. Not too fast, not too slow, just getting up and moving. If only laying out in the sun burned calories...  Anyway, after a few weeks of walking, I downloaded the C25K app. It's supposed to teach you to run a 5K, in about 30 minutes. We'll see about that I thought to myself. But I put on my tennis shoes and off to the gym I went. Ready to embark on my first foray into running. Or walking really fast. Or wogging. I questioned my sanity at this point. Anyway, I was going to try. 

It. Was. Hard. Running for 1 minute that first week felt like I was trying to run 20 miles. I cursed...Myself, the treadmill, my genes, the weather, my water bottle, everything! Holy cow I thought, if its this hard for 1 minute, I'll never make it to the end of the app! It asks you to run for 25 minutes straight. No freakin' way! But I pushed through. I repeated some runs. I repeated some weeks but I did make it to the end of the app and can and have ran 25 minutes straight. I still can't cover 5K in 30 minutes, but it only takes me a few minutes longer to do it. My legs are short. That's my excuse  and I'm sticking to it. And I can run for 25-35 minutes straight now. It sucks doing it on the treadmill and after our visit home where I got to run outside I can't wait to get home and run outside again! In the rain, sun, snow...I don't care. I'll run through it all to stay off the treadmill. I also found that...I really enjoy running. Who said that? It's peaceful and I can think or listen to my music and just be in my own world. It makes me happy to be able to go run. Who is saying these things?!?!

So I've kept at it. Running 4, 5 or 6 days a week since this past April/May. I loved running the 5K races we did while we were home. I loved being outdoors running early in the morning. I've also started to incorporate some strength training and cross training into my workouts. Why you may ask? Remember this? 

Half marathon training. The thought of running a half marathon (13.1 miles) had crossed my mind before but it was a teeny, tiny little idea. I was more curious than anything. Could I even really do that? Ugh, I really don't know. But I ran 3 miles during those races at home. And a few months ago I couldn't run a minute. I toyed with the idea. Logged onto the website a few times to sign up for the half that I wanted to do and got scared changed my mind. Then one day, this happened before I could stop myself. 

Crap! I registered to run a half marathon! Panic set in! I counted months, weeks  and days until race day! How long did I have to prepare for this? What did I even need to do to prepare to run 13.1 freaking miles? Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! I had 24 weeks to figure out how to run that distance. And survive. 24 weeks. That's a long time right? Both of the training plans I've looked into were between 12-14 weeks. I had double that time when I signed up. I'm taking the Thomas the Train route...I think I can, I think I can! My longest run to date is 7.2K or 4.47 miles. That I'm looking at as progress. I've slacked some in pushing it since we've been back here so this week, I'm getting it together. No more slacking. Must run and train according to schedule.

I'm going to run the Kentucky Derby Festival mini marathon and I'm going to survive it! Better yet, I'm going to enjoy every single second I'm running that 13.1 miles! 

And just so y'all can is how sweaty Malaysia is! 

Holy crap I just ran 4 1/2 miles in hell! 

 Awwwww...after I sit down and guzzle a gallon of water I can smile!

And just because you couldn't really see how sweaty I was in the other 2's one more. Yucky! I'm literally dripping!

yes...that's all sweat. Every last drop of disgusting gross, why do I do this to myself sweat.
You're welcome. ;o)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That Time We Made A Surprise Visit Home! Part 6

All good things must come to an end...
We arrived back from Nashville Sunday right after lunch. Honestly, we were both still pretty wiped out. We weren't 100% recovered from jet lag, had went out of town, RAN 3 miles, tried to party like rock stars and then had to drive back home. What we needed was a happy nappy! So that's just what we had.

The last week was a mishmash of trying to go visit more people, Cody's mom flying in from Texas, Madilyns birthday party, a family & friends dinner, and running kids all over the county to try to see their friends. Whew...I'm getting tired all over again thinking about it!

I kind of let the ball drop on the "taking pictures" the last week we were home.

We did get to see and spend some time with our Sophie girl while we were home. She knew exactly who we were and was very excited to see us. WE can't wait to get home to her for good! I'm daydreaming about us all being snuggled up on the couch, Sophie right in the middle, in front of the fire.

We did get to spend the ENTIRE day Monday at the dentist. Literally, from 9:30 to about 5:00 with a short lunch break in there. Claire and Cody were trying to stay occupied. It takes a LONG time to clean 6 peoples teeth. Whomp whomp!
Wednesday Codys mom flew in from Texas. He picked her up at the  airport while I took all the kids to see their friends at school. I must have made about 25 zillion trips to Bedford that day. Once they were all done seeing friends at school, we all got to see GiGi! (Cody's mom, Gale.)  Yay! You can gaurentee you will get fed some super good food when she's around! The cooking skills must run in the family because Cody and April are both fantastic cooks! That's why I NEED to keep running!
I FINALLY got to meet this cutie! Layla Ann...Dusty and Jamie make adorable babies! We babysat for them for a couple of hours while Dusty got  a few things done. She was a total angel! Just look at those cheeks! I wanted to just kiss them to pieces!

The kids all fought over who was going to hold her, change her, feed her...everything. Babysitting was never so easy!
Remember how I said I had already signed up for another 5K before Cody and I had even ran the one in Nashville? Well, it was Saturday morning. I did the Lights & Sirens 5K Run/Walk in Madison. When I got up it was cold and rainy and I didn't want to go. AT ALL. Everyone else was staying home, warm and cozy in bed and I was headed out to run in the cold rain. CRAZY PERSON right here!
I got there and thought more than once about changing my mind. Just ditching the whole idea. My feet were soaked, I was cold and basically everything that morning just sucked. I was thisclose to leaving when I started seeing people I knew. That's when I KNEW I had to stay and run. I mean, damn it...people had seen now! People I knew had witnessed me being there and spoke to they would know to look for my results. Not that they cared how well I didn't do.  Crap! I didn't take any pictues maybe I wasn't there! ;o) Nah, I stayed but it was raining and that's why there are no pictures.
 So I stayed. Now I was cold and wet and boardering on miserable but I was there and I was going to run. I finished in 32 minutes and 5 seconds! BAM! That was way better than last weekend! That was way better than I had managed on the treadmill. I was thrilled to see that time! And running in the cold and rain wasn't that bad. The worst part was having to stand around outside and wait to start. That's when my feel got wet. The actual running part, was good. It wasn't a hard course, mostly flat and  I feel like I found a good rhythm after the first mile. The first mile always sucks for me!
Being able to run outside while we were home and running both of these 5K's got me thinking way, way bigger...
I printed this off...half marathon training. HALF MARATHON PEOPLE! That's 13.1 miles. RUNNING. No car, no bike, no skates...nothing. Your legs. I hadn't actually registered for a half marathon yet though, I was just thinking about it. I did however know exactly which one I wanted to do, if I went totatlly nuts! But I was still just thinking about it at this point...
After the race we had a family/friends pitch in at the old Milton Elementary School. Sorry, the only picture I took was this one of me and Madilyn. Isn't she a doll???
I will say, the next time we have a family/friends pitch in or dinner...anyone who didn't come, should! Especially if Cody is cooking anything. That man can COOK! Lucky me! <~~another reason to keep running... He smoked some turkey for the dinner.
It was delicious as always. Cody's smoked turkey is the best turkey you will ever put in your mouth! I promise! You will NOT be disappointed! Come to our house and eat it! year!
We hung out at the pitch in for a few hours and we pleasantly surprised by the turn out. Once people started heading out...we weren't too far behind them!
Our niece's birthday was the Monday we were leaving so we were taking her to get a birthday present!
 We took her to get a birthday present at Build a Bear Workshop! Claire and Tucker got to go there before we left for Malaysia. Matt always played with their babies so we figured she should have one of her own.
She slept on the way down there, so she's not too awake and enthusiastic in these pictures!
She's kissing the heart before it goes inside her new baby.
  Fluffing her up. How many women WANT to get fluffed up? ;o)
Cody and Madilyn discussing a name. We went to the name book and she picked Maggie.
  I think Maggie is a perfect name for a monkey!  Happy birthday Madilyn! We love you bunches!!!!
Codys sister, April, hosted Madilyns birthday party Sunday. Once again...I didn't take any pictures. I did steal borrow some from April though. She is an amazing photographer! Check out her work here. She can do family photos or whatever you might want. She does a great job.
These kids were putting on a show!

Birthday Girl! Cheese!

After the party we headed back to Codys dads house to gather up and pack all of our things. I really wasn't sad to be coming back. Our visit had been exhausting! At least in Malaysia we could rest some!

Monday morning we got up, showered and were off to the airport.
Preflight drink with my man! Bloody Mary for me, beer for him!

Tucker had asked us before to get him a "neck pillow." I broke down at the Louisville airport and got us all one. I do believe they made the flight more entertaining tolerable!
 Cody looks super comfy here, right? 27 hours home crammed up like this...maybe those pillows didn't help that much after all!
We arrived back in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in the wee hours of October 23. We came in and all of us dropped our junk and crawled right into bed. It was good to be back. It was good to be "home." For now...only 4 months till we are back to Bedford for good!
We had a great visit.
We saw all of our immediate family and some extended family and a few friends. I'm sorry and sad to say that we didn't get to see as many of our friends as we all wanted too. I feel like I spent more time with my vehicle than I did with anybody! When we get back for good...yall are going to have to come to us to visit! Shew.
In the mean time, enjoy the holidays for us! Build eat lots of candy and goodies, build snowmen, have snowball fights and enjoy the beauty of cold weather! You don't realize how much you appreciate it until you don't EVER have cooler temps!