Sunday, February 2, 2014

Going to the Chapel

And they're gonna get married...going to the chapel and they're going to get married...going to the chapel of love...
When we got back to Malaysia a guy Cody works with was getting married. I won't pretend to know anything about Islamic/Indian/Hindu weddings. I'm not even 100% sure what religion this wedding was. I *think* Cody told me the bride and groom were Muslim, but like I said...not sure.
I'll tell you all what I was told. The groom, Bard, works with Cody. Him and the bride (never knew her name) were actually married the day before. Apparently the actual marriage ceremony is very small and private...basically family only. The next day there is a HUGE feast with traditional food and music. There were lot of people there. We were the only white people there and I am 100% sure I am the only woman whose legs were showing, or arms for that matter. LOL! I felt my dress was respectable and didn't show anything really though.
That is literally all I I'll just share pictures!
The groom coming in. There were men playing drums and dancing around him and these neat "trees" that were made with candy on them. Check him out...under the umbrella with the sunglasses on. I'm pretty sure he kept them on almost all day. Even through a majority of pictures.
 Some of the food that was served. I passed on it...No offense but I just can't stomach anything with fish heads or any type of bones in it. To each their own.
Cody's been here too long. He eats local food with no problems and eats just like the utensils. LOL!
They used real dishes and has someone sitting here washing them through out the meal to keep clean plates and cups for everyone.
  Us with the bride and groom.
 These cool paper flowers were every where...and when it started to rain and they got wet, the red dye stained everything. That's a hard boiled egg in the mesh bag attached to the clue of the significance.
 We must have really been unique for this woman because she took a TON of pictures of us all! I found her on Facebook and we are actually in a few of her Facebook pictures! WooHoo, we are Facebook famous!
 Claire literally makes me so mad you can probably see steam come out my ears...what is wrong with a normal smile?!?!?!
 I should've kidnapped this little fellow. Too bad his parents were standing right there...BOO!
There was a huge crowd there!

Claire thought she was big stuff because so many people wanted pictures with her.
 Cody with the bride, groom and all the guys he works with. Who knew Superman was Malay?
 Close up of the bride. Her makeup was FLAWLESS and her hands had a lot of henna on them.
 I'm beginning to think that I'm not the only one in this family with a soft spot for old people. Lately every time we go somewhere Cody seems to gravitate toward them and then holds court with them forever!
This is the wife and children of one of the guys Cody works with. Everyone wanted a picture with the white folks. I hope we didn't steal the bride and grooms thunder...or maybe we made them more popular because how many people here have a whole white family at their wedding?!?!
It was a neat experience. Although we didn't get to see the actual wedding, this "reception" or whatever they call it was interesting. Few people spoke English, those that did weren't super good, and those that didn't tried to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. Everyone was friendly and made us feel welcome. After the reception, we headed home for naps! The heat wears ya out!