Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I may have taken another blogging break. Oops! I have lots of ideas for things to blog but no patience to sit down and make them happen. Sorry! Today I have a bunch of randomness for you. New, old, interesting, boring. It's a jumble of stuff! 

My hair is all brown again! I LOVE my blonde, but no roots, no upkeep! Yay! Hence the smile! :) 
I saw this pillow on Pinterest. Uhm, vodka may have told me that a time or ten....two! I can't dance. I don't think...unless there's liquor involved and then, hell, I can fly! Hahaha! 
This guy. He makes me happy. All hard workin', sweatin' busting' his butt off to take of our family. Awwww, he's such a good man. I'm so lucky!
This girl! Will be here, in Malaysia on FRIDAY!!!!!!! What? What?! You know your BFF loves you and your family when she'll take a whole lotta vacation time off and fly around the world to see you! I. Cannot. Wait! Exited doesn't even begin to cover it. 
These 2 beauties! My other BFF/cousin whom I miss more than anything in this world and her sweet little niece. I can't wait to get home and hug and love on them both! And meet miss Layla! Boo for missing out on her first months! :(
Oh,'s just one of my favorite pics of my sexy husband! ;) love love love him! Hotness right there! Don't hate ladies!
This kid. She wanted shrimp for supper. Fresh shrimp. I told her it was disgusting to peel and devein, but she said no big deal...till she started doing it! It was hilarious. And gross. I really don't know how I eat that stuff! Haha! 
Found this old picture in my bible. My PawPaw Webster with Tatum and Kayla when they were itty bitty. I miss him and Mawmaw so much. It made me smile and a little bit sad. They were the best! 
Oh, here's that kid again! She had to try on this jacket. I forget why. Here's the big question....Do you really need a jacket like this in Malaysia?!?! It's hot as hell here! 
My phone here. It's not smart! It actually may be from the prehistoric era. I dropped it and maybe broke it the other day. Not on purpose I swear! 
This sketch. It may now be permanently inked onto my body... 
This notice on our door. It didn't make me happy. No electricity all freaking day?!?!? Seriously! Get it together Malaysia!