Monday, July 29, 2013

Week End Get Aways....

Long drives, crowded car, tired kids and parents...that's how our weekend get away started. And I'm a bad road tripper...I always have to stop for a potty break! But we found this little gem at the rest area! 

Cody enjoyed his ice cream so much, he decided to wear it! 

Some day soon, I'll show y'all our car and tell you how fun it is to squeeze in it to go anywhere, but for now here is a preview. 

After 2 1/2 hours on the road, we arrived at our hotel. And apparently so did everyone else. 

 That's 14 buses all full of people staying with us. Party time! Haha! 

We checked in and decided to go out and explore some even though it was already late. We found this...

We thought it was Jonker Street, only to find out the next day that it wasn't. It was a Mega Bazzar for Ramandan. Guess that's why the crazy white lady in a strapless dress got so many "looks?!?!" Oh, well! Where else could we have gone to purchase a knock off purse, new kicks, perfume, local food, shirts and jeans all at the same place??? Or some traditional Muslim attire? Also, we got to listen to some traditional music...if you count Eminem and Rihanna as traditional and conservative. I'm still trying to figure out how it's ok to have your wife literally cover every single inch of her skin so that you can only see her eyes and its ok to listen to that???  Oxymoron? Is that the right word? 

Anyway, the only thing we needed up buying was this...

Nan, curry, and nasi goreng ayem....or bread, sauce and chicken with noodles. I'd tell you how it tasted, but I was sooooooo sick I couldn't taste it! Lol!

We saw this awesome tuktuk...

Dude had it going on! 
We managed to find our way back to our hotel in the dark with out a GPS. Remember Nathaniel? He's still dead and still hasn't been replaced. We used landmarks and hope to guide us! 

The next morning we got up and headed out for some day time sightseeing. We had some ideas of what we wanted to see, but we didn't have a clue where anything we just walked and winged it. 

We found Jonker Walk! 

 It was full of shops, food, and people. We ventured into a few shops. It was kind of touristy, but we did find a temple and see a few interesting things down there. 

We went back up the street to find lunch. 

Well, hello there American food! We love and miss you! ;)

Hard Rock sat right on the river. The view was great. 

After lunch we walked down another street to hopefully find some of the things we wanted to see. We found the Maritime museum, Christ Church and some more nice views! 

Inside this ship was the museum. It was a cool thing to see and gave a lot of the history of Melaka and how the area grew and what it was used for. Cody got to actually read a lot more of the info than me...I was busy chasing kids! 
The nerd in me was saaaaad.

Tucker was having a ball! 
I love his long hair...I may never let him cut it again! Hehe!

There were lots of different old parts of ships. Lights, means of communication, life savers, etc.  All very cool, very educational and very interesting. 

After we made it through the museum, we walked back up towards the area where our driver was picking us up. We enjoyed seeing all the tuktuks. The drivers went all out decorating them. Some had booming sound systems on them! 

At this point, we were all hot and tired and ready to cool off. 

 Poor fellow is just worn out and HOT! 

Back to our hotel we headed. Cody and the kiddos went down to the pool and Momma took a much needed nap! Remember I was sick? I had a fever, couldn't breath and was coughing and miserable! I sucked it up for as long as I could, but I really needed rest by this point! 

I went down later and snapped these pic, just so I could have them. The kids informed me that the pool guys wouldn't let Cody in this pool because he didn't have proper swim attire. I asked him about it...he said they wanted him in a speedo! I'm sure he could rock it, but he doesn't agree! Hehe! 

That night we went to the food court at the local mall to was easy and we could actually please everyone there. They have a McDonald's! 

Being sick, I wanted soup and Cody got me this...

It had egg and chicken and I don't know what all else in it. I drank the broth and Cody are the noodles. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it. I just wanted comfort food! Poor poor pitiful me! Haha! But I will give that man of mine credit, he tried his very best to get me what I wanted. He does a damn fine job of taking care of me, even when I'm a pain in his rear. :) Lucky me. 

After filling everyone's tummies we all wanted showers, tv and rest. Back to the hotel we went, again. Where our Internet service sucked it up. There may have been a few curse words thrown around over the lack of availability of Internet. May have been...

Sunday morning we all jumped out of bed ready to attack the city again and see some more sights! NOT! We were still dragging and tired and knew we had a long crowded drive ahead of us. We had good intentions of going to see some more things, but the heat won out and we decided that we would be ok if we didn't get to see everything. We checked out, loaded up and began our drive home. 

And boy was coming home early worth it. Friday before we left we had received a package from home courtesy of Cody's sister, April. She had smuggled us some pepperoni and we made these beauty's...

Can anyone say Heaven???? OMG! BEST MEAL SINCE FEBRUARY!!!!!! It was delicious! Fantastic! Wonderful! Perfect end to a relaxing, fun weekend. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It doesn't take much...

It doesn't take much to make this gal happy these days...
Just a few great finds on grocery day will have me
smiling for days on end! :o)
Real Crackers!!!!!!
BOO-YAH!!!! We have real crackers! I must give credit where credit is due though...
Scott (a guy Cody works with) found these little gems and
directed me to their exact location! I proceeded to

What are you having for supper???
Us...we'll be having ham sam'iches!

Y'all see that? Can ya read the label?!?! HAM! Like real lunch meat ham! And it tastes just like home. The kids and Cody are very happy about this purchase. I'm not partaking in the eating of it though. Remember that book I've been reading...yeah, no meat for this gal...still!

and last but not least...

I love hummus! I was as excited as a kid at Christmas for this little find!
These days, it doesn't take much to make this ol' gal happier than a pig in mud! Haha! It's the smallest, tiniest, little things that thrill me to no end...
and I will not ever take them for granted again!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Road trip ahead...

Feeling like craaaaaaap today! Sinus infections are for the birds! 

I need some strong booze to help me feel better or this:

But when Cody calls and says I need a break, let's get away...

Lets see how many places we can see in one year! Yay! Even when Mom is sick. She'll be ok! ;) 

Soooooo... I made some calls and booked a room and this weekend we will be here...

Melaka, Malaysia. A very historical town with tons to see and do! My inner nerd is giddy with outer sickie is hoping the day and nightquil will get me through! 

It's going to be a long drive, traveling like this...

Too bad we don't have one of these...

But, alas, we shall survive. And everyone WILL have a good time and enjoy themselves. And Cody will RELAX, even if it requires copious amounts of strong drugs and hard liquor! ;) 

Happy weekend y'all! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The ABC's according to Me!

A is for adult beverage and AJD (she's hilarious and awesome)
         Look at her making that baby girl laugh. Her adult humor is the best too! 

B is best friends! Y'all know who you are! 

C is for Claire and Cody and cuddling 

D is for Droddy...duh! And Dad! And Delta, cause that's who'll be flying my a** home in about 7 months!

E is for exercise, because I have a love/hate relationship with it! Why did J get the good genes? ;)

F is for family, friends and food

G is for guacamole...Cody's is freakin' fantastic! 

H is for home, where your heart is

I is for Internet, because without it, I would be even more bored and lonely! 

J is for little brothers named Jeremy! 
     I sure wish he could make the zillion mile trip over to see us! 

K is for Kentucky

L is for Love...duh! Hahahahaha! 

M is for Mom and Madi Gray! 

N is for No, every moms favorite word to repeat over and over and over. 

O is for Olivia 

P is for pumpkins...fall is mine and Cody's favorite time of year! 

Q is for questions, because we all spend entirely too much time questioning EVERYTHING

R is for rainbows...and all the rainbow pics I've seen on FB from back home. Thanks for making a girl homesick y'all! 

S is for sisters, maybe some day my kids will realize their sisters will end up being their BFF's.

T is for Tatum and Tucker

U is for umbrella...all the Asian ladies carry one to shade themselves from the I layout and continue to worship it! ;)

V is for vegetarians. And enjoying torturing your family with meatless meals! 

W is for watermelon...Tucker and I could eat it all day everyday. 

X is for....Xanax....because sometimes to get in the car here, it's a requirement! Lol

Y is for you...everyone of you reading this silly blog! 

Z is for....zebra! I got nothing! Haha! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

You sung that title didn't you?!?! I know you did! Admit it! Hahahahaha! I hope it's stuck in your're welcome! 

Anyway....a typical day in paradise goes a little like this:

I wake up and drink too much of this...with too much sugar and milk in it.

Then I check this...
 Usually while drinking all that coffee. 

 And maybe talk to someone from home with this...

Then maybe I'll do this because I'm bored. And I want Tatum and Olivia to think I'm a little bit cool! I am, aren't I? I mean...I have a freakin' blog! That automatically makes you cool, right??

You know we have to do some more of this...

School. Except today we didn't do it at the pool because its overcast and how can I work on my tan with all these clouds?!?!? 

I read some of this...

 Which makes me think...maybe I need to give up that morning coffee with too much sugar and milk...and just about everything else tasty that I miss eating! 

 I put these on and sweat my butt off! Wanna see? 

Nasty huh?! 

By then I'm usually thinking about dinner??? But now, I've been reading that damn book so...maybe I'll feed my family this....

Instead of this...

 And I'll make them drink water instead of tea or kool aid or soft drinks!  Y'all can see my evil grin, right? You'll probably hear them rioting from here! Hehe! 

Oh, sh*t! I realize THIS is a hot mess...
Maybe I'll just let 'em grow and we'll call it ombré?!?! Or maybe I'll go crazy and do this some day soon....

But that still requires up keep, so...who knows!

All the while I'm doing all these fantastic things above, I'm emailing Cody at work. Like 20 times a day. For nothing important. I'm bored. He usually answers. When he doesn't, I 'rass him! I'm sure he gets tired of me (ha)'rassing him. Oh well, poor guy is stuck with me! 

Then maybe I change my mind, or I'm bored, or I just screwed up the polish cause I end up with this...

Then we all eat...not all those veggies I'm trying to force down their throats. Riots occur every time I mention them! And we (they) drink tea or kool aid or soft drinks. After supper we all do one of these things...

 Because we have such an exciting life here in paradise!

And we all go to bed dreaming of this...

Not soon enough Bedford, Kentucky, not soon enough!