Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just what the doctor ordered

Driving here is a challenge at best. There is no flow of traffic and the other drivers are so inconsiderate. The kids and I really needed to get out of the house though. So, Cody left us the car last Friday to go to the grocery store. We decided to try to get to the mall. ;) I googled directions to Jusco Tebrau. Tatum rode up front with me and helped navigate. We took it slow and easy...and never did find the mall we were looking for! When I finally decided to get off at the next exit and turn around there was a mall right there! Not the one we were looking for, but we went in anyway! We discovered a movie theater and a Pizza Hut! We didn't see a movie that day, we were on a mission to replace a broken iPod. (Thanks Tatum) We found an apple store and hit up Pizza Hut for some delicious comfort food! We found new flip flops for Claire and Tucker and the older girls also got some earrings. After wondering around the mall and checking things out for awhile we headed home, after all, we were supposed to be getting groceries too! Figuring out how to get back on the road home was interesting...heck, getting out of the parking lot was a challenge! Lol! I only did one illegal u-turn to get out and back on the highway though. :) We made it back to our neighborhood grocery store and knocked out our grocery list and back home we went. It was a leisurely day out shopping, eating, and just enjoying some time out of the house. Definitely just what the doctor ordered!

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