Friday, November 8, 2013

That Time We Made A Surprise Visit Home! Part 4

The First Week
Originally we had said we wouldn't be coming home for a visit. In the big picture 12 months ISN'T that long. But after some long talks and Cody working tons and tons of hours, we came to one conclusion, we needed a break, a vacation. We had the option of one trip home during our time here, so we decided that was our cheapest best option. Once we did decide to come home...we decided we needed to see the dentist, make some doctors appointments, and get a few other things taken care of while we were there. Our first week was jam packed!
Monday-return rental car, have engagement ring checked, some necessary shopping and afternoon naps
Tuesday- Momma had to get her hair did! Those girls in Malaysia hadn't done a bad job, but there's no place like home! I highly recommend Mane Attractions in downtown Madison. Ask for Kirsten Quick!  Tell her I sent ya! She'll rock your hair! She did an amazing job! I freakin' LOOOOOOVE my new color! It's even better than what I asked for!
I asked for something similar to this. Thank you Pinterest!
Here is my before and after...
Before on the left. After on the right.
 You can't really see the lighter pieces underneath in this picture, but they are there. It's great! I'm in love. I think it just looks so much more natural! That took up a big chunk of my day Tuesday. The kids and Cody were all hanging out doing their own things.
Wednesday- Tucker and Cody both had doctors appointments. Nothing to worry about...just trying to figure out why they are a pain in my a@# sometimes! ;o) Then Cody went to work for something...I don't even know what. As much time as he spends at work couldn't have held a gun to my head and got me to work if I were him.
Wednesday evening we dropped the kids off at my Dad's house to spend a couple of nights. With all the running around, we really didn't actually sit down and spend more than a couple of hours with anyone. At least the kids could spend some quality time with grandparents. They were staying at my Dad's till Friday then going to their grandparents in Madison till Sunday. WOOHOO!
I'm pretty sure we were asleep by 8:30 that night! Wild party animals I tell ya!
Thursday- Cody spent the majority of his day at work...again. I also headed down to the 'Valley' for a visit.

I just went to visit my residents and some co-workers...I'm guessing Cody may have actually worked.
Friday-Pack a bag because Dad and Mom are headed OUT OF TOWN!
Tennessee Bound Baby!
I know, I know, we just got here! But it has been 7 months since we had any alone time...we needed it!


  1. Auntie AJ thinks her talent show should make part 5. ;-)

  2. You are so gorgeous! Hope you had a great time in Nashville!