Thursday, October 31, 2013

That Time We Made A Surprise Visit Home! Part 3

Now that everyone knew we were home, we made it Facebook official! Ha! Cause you know it isn't "official" till it's on Facebook. After our early morning Saturday  and very little breakfast, we were HUNGRY! We also hadn't had any yummy fattening American food yet. Where did we go you ask??
Little Town & Country of course!
 I pulled this picture off of Google images and wouldn't ya know...I'm pretty sure that's my Dads truck there! HA! Probably there for coffee and talking with the window farmers! :o)
I got that turkey club I was wanting and it was soooooooooooo good! After we all got our bellies full the jet lag began kicking our butts bad. We were all heading down for the count.
We headed back to my mom's house to sleep...but before Cody could laid down the older girls talked him into going to get Morgan! She stayed with us until Tuesday. There's no doubt had we been at our own house she would have been there until we got on the plane  to come back. Olivia's friends Ethan also showed up a time or two!

Once Cody got back with Morgan, it was nap time for Mom and Dad!

We napped for like 4 hours...does that still count as a "nap" because there are times that was a good nights sleep!?!?
Once we did wake up we just hung out at my mom's for the evening.
 Chillin' out, trying to recover from all that travel time!

Sunday was another day of visiting, recovering, and NAPS!!!

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