Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Girls Don't Cry

We had our first international incident last night! We went to the grocery store yesterday, got groceries and bought a new knife. Ours here was so dull it wouldn't cut hot butter! When we got home, we put all the groceries away and Tatum was trying to open the knife to put it in the sink to wash! I guess the way she pulled it out of the plastic, it finally gave and came out and cut her arm, up near her inner elbow. Cody and Tucker weren't here, they had ran out to put air in a low tire on our car. I immediately kicked into Nurse Mommy mode. We washed it with soap and water, and used a first aid kit that Cody thought to bring and used butterfly bandages to hold it together until Cody and Tucker got home. We had gotten me a phone while we were out and I told Tatum...guess I'm going to get to use this phone to call Cody sooner rather than later! I called Cody and asked where he was. He said getting ready to pull in the driveway why???? I said, I think Tatum needs stitches! I'll meet you outside.

We went out to meet him and explained what happened. In a pretty quick fashion we all loaded up and off to the hospital we went. Cody called his friend to ask which hospital to go to while we were on the way. We found the hospital very easily. We walked in and straight back to the triage area and then to a "room." The doctor came in in no time. He was super friendly, spoke amazingly great English and explained everything he needed or was going to do to me and Tatum. He showed a lot of concern about whether Tatum was in pain or feeling ok. I watched the whole time, he answered all questions and never once acted offended or above me like the doctors back home can. The whole experience, driving to and from the hospital and all took an hour! One hour!!!! It would take that long back home just to get registered!

Tatum was great! She never shed a single tear! She said she was more worried she would be in trouble than anything! :) Now she'll have a lasting memory to show people from her time here! I'm very proud of how well she did.

She said its a little sore this morning, but nothing to write home about! She is more bummed out about not being able to swim than anything! No swimming till the stitches come out. I told her to just sit on the edge and read a book and work on her tan! That's what I do! It's relaxing!

Overall, our first trip to the hospital wasn't a bad one at all. The doctor gave us his card and cell number. Told us if we have any problems or concerns to call or text him and he would be happy to help us out! I will definitely be holding on to that for future reference! Even if I am hoping we don't need it!

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  1. "We found the hospital very easily." Way to show Nathaniel!