Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kentucky fried what?

Last night a few of us country folks got together for dinner. Before we left, Cody advised the kids to eat. What? Why, they asked! Because its all seafood and you all probably won't like anything there. They all ate, but all of them were excited to go to a "real" Malaysian restaurant and try some new food. Let the adventure begin!

We ate at Permas Village Seafood. As we were driving there, we turned onto what was almost a dirt road into the woods...the asphalt was in bad need of repair! It was more dirt than asphalt and I literally said...who puts a restaurant back in the woods? As we continued down the short road and turned the corner, it opened up to a large gravel lot and quaint open air restaurant. There were large tanks with fresh caught seafood and a beautiful view of the water and city. I forgot my camera! Next time I won't!

Marlena & Brent Welty and Scott were already there waiting. And of course little Mr. Klayton. I will be the first to admit I was a little apprehensive about eating there...and I know Tatum was! I love seafood, but you just don't know! We ordered drinks and looked the menu over. Our waitress was great, very friendly and decent English! I think between us all we ordered nearly everything on the menu! Curry crab, Chinese Kai LAN, black pepper venison and ostrich, wet noodles, fried sotong, prawns of all types and lots of Tiger beer and Apple Cider.

Anyone who knows my kids, knows they are "meat and potatoes" kind of kids. Fried chicken, fried potatoes, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese...down home country food is what they like! It is so far out of their box to try anything new. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when I saw Tatum eat squid! Squid!!!!! She willingly put it in her mouth, chewed it up and swallowed! Haha! She said it tasted like rubber bands! Uhm, how does she know what rubber bands taste like? She tried everything on the table and decided that next time we go back, she is ordering curry crab! Wow! Of course I'm not sure she realizes how much work crab is...they served the whole crab, you really gotta work to get that meat out of there! The food was delicious, all of it and the company was even better!

We sat there for nearly 3 1/2 hours eating, talking and enjoying the company of others from home! Our waitress did a wonderful job of keeping the drinks flowing, and food coming! Klayton, Claire and Tucker ran around and played like crazy. I'm sure they were all happy to have a friend around to play with! Tatum and Olivia joined in and seemed to enjoy the conversation with the adults! We talked of Duck Dynasty, American Gypsies, and tv we wanted to watch but couldn't...yet! Nathaniel's untimely demise came up, and then stories of how we've all gotten lost a few times! How horrible the driving here is and 2 wrecks (not their faults) by other NAS employes. Overall, it was a wonderful, fulfilled evening! Just what we all needed!

Once the bill was paid and we were leaving, our waitress came to say goodbye and goodnight! She fawned over all the kids, especially Klayton and Tucker. I believe someone told me it's good luck for them to touch blond hair. She was rubbing all over Klayton and Tucker's hair! She told all the kids, "You call me Auntie!" Lol! It was so sweet and cute!

And I drove home...again! I'm more than willing to drive when it's not peak hours, but its still strange to be on the "wrong" side of the road and have your seat belt crossing your body in the opposite direction but maybe in 8 or 10 months I'll be used to it! And we will definitely be going back to Permas Seafood Village...who needs Kentucky fried what?!?!

Klayton, Tucker and "Auntie"

Marlena and Brent

MMMMM, good!


  1. Thanks for sharing the evening in such great detail! I almost feel like I was there!
    What a colorful restaurant, and right on the water!
    I can't help but notice the familiar Coca-Cola can!
    What a wonderful adventure...

  2. I think it would be nice to see some more pictures of the dishes up close! Is that the venison and ostrich in the picture above!?