Thursday, March 7, 2013


On any given day sitting in Kentucky, I would LOVE to have a housekeeper. What working mom doesn't dream of having someone to change the bed linens, sweep the floors, do the laundry,dishes , etc.? We live in such a fast paced society in the States that fitting all of our "must do's" into 24 hours  is nearly impossible! Oh, how I have dreamed of taking a break while someone else does the mundane housework.

Today, living here...we have housekeeping! WOW! It's great...I think, maybe, but I am still not sure! It doesn't feel normal to have a stranger come into my house and clean while I am watching TV or helping kids with school work. Isn't cleaning up after the kids and Cody my job? Living at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort we don't have the resources available to do laundry and clean like I would at home, so I guess I should embrace it? I still don't know. Maybe once we move into our permanent residents and have the resources available I'll miss having the extra help!

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  1. Giirrrl, stop. Feel bad, smeel bad. Embrace it like a soft pillow.