Sunday, August 4, 2013

Better homes and gardens. Part 1

Welcome to our temporary home, come on in!  I don't think we'll make the next issue of Better Homes and Gardens, but hey, we try! ;o)


Let me give you a's not much but we are making the most of it! When you walk in this is the view straight down the hallway. You see into the kids bathroom. Our bedroom is off to the left, the kids is to the right.

The your immediate left when you walk in.

The door into the kitchen is to the left of the big fridge.
The door opens and behind it sits the microwave and water heater. There is NO hot water in the kitchen. Only in the bathrooms. We have to use that little pitcher thing to heat up water to wash dishes and stuff.

This is the view in the kitchen door. To the left is the fridge and wall from the pic above.
Behind that little half wall is our washing machine.

 Those 2 doors...they are rooms for our non-existent maid.  :o(
Why no maid Cody???

The maid's bathroom. It WILL NOT come clean. I've used bleach and every other cleaner I can find/think of. Those stains are gross and stuck. We don't typically use this bathroom except for emergencies!

The would-be maids quarters. We call it storage! There is the dryer we RARELY use because clothes literally dry faster outside!

The Dining room...

To the right of this  picture is our front door. Where y'all came in! :o)

And into the living room...

Laundry on the clothes line...keeping it real! At least I took down our unmentionables! HAHA!
I hate sitting on that couch! It's pleather and you literally have to peal yourself off of it. WHO thought it was a good idea to use pleather furniture in this hot, humid country? SMH!
And tile floor throughout? Uhm, NO! Not the smartest idea anyone ever had. I miss carpeting!
The kids bathroom. I'd say guest bathroom, but we have no guests! :(
It has a nice peachy/puke and blue color scheme. So beautiful...NOT!

I'm sure y'all are loved the yellow color scheme throughout the rest of the place though. We sure are. <insert sarcasm here>
It's definitely not Bedford, KY, but I will tell you we've been here long enough now that when we go out of town and come sure feels like home!
I will continue the home tour in my next post with the bedrooms and our master "blue" bathroom! Gotta get the kiddos to clean their rooms up first!

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