Sunday, August 4, 2013


Breakfast....uh, no...lets go straight to lunch. 



Laundry hanging on the clothes line here dries faster than it does in the dryer.

Getting in a car here is like playing a real life race car sit down, buckle up and pray. 

Is the reason these people aren't so fat because fresh fruits and veggies are DIRT cheap?

Where do they grow all this stuff?

If Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, Malaysia is the country that never sleeps. EVER.

HOW does anyone eat a fish when it's cold dead eyes are straring back at you? Yuck! 

Convection ovens? Not for me! 

How can the Islam religion possibly think its healthy to fast (not even drinking water) in this heat?

Where does the dirt and grime come from that accumulates in our house so quickly? 

(Image courtesy of google searches....ours aren't that bad, but they feel that way)

I never knew it was possible to sweat THIS much. And to sweat without even moving a muscle! 

Go home skinny Asian were born done! 

Those shoes are not gym appropriate. 

No matter how much weight you lose, you're always going to be the fat girl in a gym full of Asian women! 

Cody's boxers make excellent lounge shorts. :)

Teaching kids to play card games is out of my "scope of practice." My experience ends at Go Fish. 

Gozell...YouTube. Go find her. She's funny as all get out! 

Tucker is still a cheater when playing games. And gets mad when he loses. 

Can some one please get me some ice water, I live in hell! Hahahahaha! 

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