Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Feet

A pedicure. Oh how I miss pedicures. And damn, I needed one!  Flip flops every single day, bare foot most of the time, running in crappy tennis shoes?!?! My feet were begging for some attention. 

Last weekend we went to a mall that Tatum and I discovered awhile back and it was ON! Momma found a place to get a! 35 ringgit cheap. :) That's $10.68. Looks like I'll be taking the girls and we will have a "girls day out soon!" 

Pick a color...any color! And this was just a few of the choices of colors and designs they had. All those cool nail designs you see on Pinterest? Ya gotta come to South East Asia to get them done! ;o)

Callouses be gone!

Look who I talked into joining in on the action? HaHa!

 Oh, maybe he doesn't like it?? Although the girl did tell him he has nice feet! lol
Those 2 Indian chicks were cracking up laughing at Cody cursing under his breath and wincing when she cut his nails! We may have all gotten a kick out of it.
Uhm, I don't know if I'll talk him into this EVER again. Look at that face!

And now he relaxes...

Cody didn't want to get his toenails painted a pretty color...I just can't figure out why? Hehe! It' all good though because now we both have happy feet! :)
P.S. I am still trying to get the kiddos to clean their rooms good so I can continue our apartment tour with you. :o)

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