Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hari Whatta?

Hari Raya is a Muslim celebration that occurs after the month long fasting of Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan the Muslims devote their time to worship, charitable deeds, and acts of compassion. They practice fasting from food and drink during the day to purify their souls and body. The more devoted (not to say all aren't devoted to their religion) will not even swallow their saliva, won't smoke or even chew gum. Its super hot here so that's a huge sacrifice on their parts. The nurse in me worries about dehydration! Haha! I'm sure that is the least of their concern though! 

During the fast each night, families come together to break fast with prayers and family meals. There were food stands and vendors set up everywhere during the whole month. More so than usual. Although they fast during the day, it is my understanding that eating is definitely a huge part of this holiday. Traditional foods are served and when Hari Raya arrives the men and women will dress in a more traditional manner with matching colors to signify their unity. 

Hari Raya is a HUGE BIG deal! I can only equate it with our traditional Christmas...although they celebrate much longer! Three days of eating, family time, and celebrating their love for their god. Some of the men Cody works with took up to 6+ days off! Apparently here, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur are the 2 major metropolis's in the country. Many people had to travel very far to go home to their families to celebrate. They put their celebration above everything...including work. 

Seeing how basically the whole country "shuts down" for this celebration, Cody had some extra time off that weekend. So we did what any American would do, and celebrated too! Of course we didn't have a Hari Raya celebration. We cooked out and invited what seemed like the majority of our complex to the festivities! Haha! 

A trip to the grocery store to stock up and start preparing some yummy traditional American cookout food!

We had brats, baked beans, Mac & (velvetta) cheese, and corn on the cob! 

Enjoying the dinner and company! 

The kids played in the pool and used a lounge chair to eat on! 

This adorable little girl is one of Cody's coworkers nieces! She was a little shy!

After waiting 30 minutes to get back in the pool....

Ok...they didn't really wait! There was too much fun to be had! 

I'm sure these 3 were talking shop. They always do!

I made some desserts...potato candy and fruit loops crispies. I had to improvise, no rice crispies to be found! I think Marcus liked it. He was trying to hide it to take with him! 

Why these kids love playing with ice, I'll never know! 

Idle chit chat...Tatum and Olivia love accents. They get a kick out of listening to anyone from another country talk. And then complain because they don't have a cool accent. A country accent apparently isn't cool?!?!

This man absolutely adores his wife. He has pictures of them together all over his apartment. It's soooooo sweet. 

Goofy girls! Man, they are so beautiful...when did they grow up so much?

I'm a good friend...I picked the best picture of Marlena to post. Ain't nobody wants a bad pic of themselves floating around the www! 

This little bottle of liquid courage came from Germany. It smelled like Jäger....nasty. I DID NOT partake in it! Ugh! 

After a drink or three...there's the love! 

We had a fabulous evening! The kids were worn out, the adults were worn out and most of the food was eaten! 

*this post was meant with no disrespect towards the Muslim people or their religion...I am completely admitting ignorance regarding it. If any information is incorrect, I apologize in advance!

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