Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feelin' Loved

When someone will fly all the way around the world, 27+ hours of travel time with very little sleep in a cramped airplane seat...you feel really loved! 

This crazy girl, whose been my BFF since foreva' was willing to do just that! Yay for that first day of middle school when we met! 

We took her shopping at our best malls! Or at least the ones where they sell every name brand knock off you could ever dream of and some you haven't ever heard of! Purses, shoes, wallets, scarves, and more oh my! I found this killer head band! Maybe I should have dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year! 
Tucker is NOT a good shopper. He was bored to death and begging for some man time! Where's dad??? Working as always! Boo! 
Tatum found this killer outfit...and put it on backwards! Oops! 
Beach day came next! Because what else do you do to your BFF who is still jet lagged and probably would rather nap or float around a nice clean pool!?!?!

Drag her butt to the beach! I mean seriously, you can't fly around the world without going to the beach and dipping your toes into the South China Sea! 

Some locals who were picnicking on the beach shared their lunch with us. Alicia swears it was Singapore Noodles. I have no idea what it really was...except hot and spicy! Altogether not bad though and very nice on the part of that family. 
We gave them the plate and silverware back! 

Nice butt Tatum...GET UP! lol
The kids found a huge hermit crab. They wanted to keep him, but we convinced them to let him go home and find his own family. 
He was a giant! 
Skinny Minnie there! Ugh....where was I when God said if you want to be tall and thin stand in this line!
Favorite Aunt right there! ;)

On the way home we stopped to feed her more local food at what I call the "Malaysian Little Town & Country!" There is almost always a bunch of older gentlemen siting around. Probably talking farm talk. See...Town & Country! Haha! 
Cold drinks in a bag...cause that's how they do it here. 

Awwwww, two of my favorite people ever! 
We spent a day in Singapore. Tatum and Olivia insisted on going for dumplings. Din Tai Fung was the place. It was delicious. I can NOT eat with chop sticks. I used my fingers. Country girl right here! ;o)

Marina Bay Sands. Crazy kids....what is Claire even doing!?!?
Almost time for her to head home. :( We decided we needed one day with just the two of us. Pedicures it was! Cody was left with the kiddos! Poor guy! I made it up to him with beer! Haha!
WHAT are they painting on my legs? Mud? Lotion? I still don't know, but they were super soft when they were done! 
Check out those nails! 

Dinner out that night at Permas Village! Terrible lighting for pictures, but it's the best we got. Womp womp!
This is such a great picture of Alicia...too bad Claire didn't get the straw out of the way before she took it! SMH!

We all had a blast and I'm sure she was more exhausted leaving than when she came! It was so great to get to share some of our experience here with someone from home! And have a little bit of home here with us! Knowing she was willing to use her personal vacation time, spend some money and fly waaaaaaaaaaaay over here definitely had us feeling the love! 

And I'm not gonna lie. I cried a little when I dropped her off at the airport. Tatum made fun of me. Brat!

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