Thursday, October 31, 2013

That Time We Made A Surprise Visit Home! Part 2

Surprising the Family! 

We had arrived! After keeping quiet for months, not telling the kids or really anyone for that matter, we were HOME!!! It was so difficult trying to decide where to go first. We just decided to go where the road took us...Bedford to Milton to Madison.
The first stop was Cody's Dad and Mom's house.
I seriously can't help but laugh every time I see these pictures! LOOK at those faces! Priceless!
He walked in the back door and his mom and niece were in the kitchen. She turned around and looked up, then right back to what she was working on. I think it took a second for it to register WHO had just walked in the door. Once it did...this is what we saw!
Marilyn was so surprised she couldn't even form words! Cody quietly walked in, gave her a hug and told her he loved her and asked...where's Dad?
Dad was in the living room on the phone. Once Cody walked around that corner, the poor guy was stunned. Who ever he was talking to was a lost cause. That conversation was oooovvveeerrrr!

There was a little surprise for us there too! Miss Madi Gray was there for the night! We weren't expecting to see her till later that night, or even the next day. It was great to get our hands on that little munchkin! She's such a cutie pie!
We stayed and visited for awhile. Explained our surprise visit to his parents and even got his Dad in on the action. Cody had him text his sister to see what time she would be getting off work and if she was coming to pick up Little Gray (Madi) or not. Sneaky sneaky...we needed to know her where abouts for later! ;)
I think Little Gray was happy to see Claire!
 On the way to my mom's we told the kids...knock on the door and hide. We want her to have to open the door. My mom NEVER leaves her door unlocked and ALWAYS looks thru the curtains to see who is out there. The only way to surprise her was knock and hide. They knocked and then just ducked down. That wasn't hiding good enough...she saw them and then the water works started!
Opening the door and dragging kids into her arms.
Mawmaw Pumpkins arms aren't long enough to reach around all four kids at once. :o) She cried for a little while. When she was done squeezing the crap out of the kids, Cody and I got a hug...and a few choice words for making her worry! Haha!
Her worries were worth it though! We hung out for awhile and had to once again explain our surprise visit and that no one knew we were home. She did call my Grandma and a couple of other aunts, but they were threatened sworn to secrecy until we made it to all the parents and grandparents houses.
Cody and I left the kids there to go surprise his sister at work. Our plan was to just walk into the restaurant she worked at and sit down at the bar and order a drink. I was just hoping she wouldn't cry there! Unfortunately we were too late. As we drove past it we realized it was already closed, but thanks to his Dad, we knew she would be headed straight home.
April gets to ride her bike to work. Pretty cool, huh? As we were driving down main street, we spotted her on her bike. We pulled into the parking lot of her apartment right behind her. Cody and I both got out of the van at the same time. She looked right at us, but it was dark so she couldn't really tell who "those crazy people" where.
I said something to Cody about her not knowing who we were and walked further towards her into the light. When she could see us a little better she grabbed me and then Cody and hugged to tight...she may have cut off the air supply we all require. ;)
It was too dark for pictures there, but it was a great reunion. She took us over to her neighbors and introduced us and we sat and chatted for a little over an hour. We left giving her strict instructions not to put it on Facebook...yet! We still had my Dad and Step-Mom to see!
Once we left Aprils, we went back to my mom's house for the night. We were exhausted and ready to crash. Our plan for Saturday morning was to go to my Dad's.

Before we left Saturday morning this happened....
My cousin Jessi stopped by moms on her way home from Belterra. :) Love her to death! Just sorry we didn't get spend more time with her. Boo for being busy! 

Wanna see what major jet lag looks like? At least that's my excuse. I don't know what Jeremy's is! ;) haha!

Saturday morning we got up WAAAAAAY  to early. Thank you jet lag. We had coffee and whatever breakfast we could throw together. Mom obviously wasn't prepared for our visit! Hehe! We all got showered and ready and went to my dads.
We walked in and it was dead silence. Hello?? No answer. Anyone here?? Dad? Margie???
Silence. Silence. Silence.
Tatum said...I bet MawMaw is still asleep. Good thing she doesn't sleep naked because we all barged into her bedroom! She woke up looking at us STUNNED! I leaned over to hug her and Tatum said she kept touching me all she was trying to make sure I was real and she wasn't dreaming! :o) Our sweet little niece happened to be there too! Bonus!
After we dragged them out of bed and found out that my Dad was up at his shop we got them dressed and in on the surprises! We all loaded up and went there. Margie and Chloe walked up first and we trailed behind. Of course Tucker can never do what he's told so Dad saw him earlier than planned so it kind of ruined the surprise. There's no doubt he was still happy and shocked to see all of us standing there in October! We weren't supposed to be home till March! Boo-yah! We pulled one over on everyone! 

Now everyone knew we were home! Best surprises ever! It was so fun to see the looks on everyone's faces and we all loved surprising everyone! 

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