Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm too old for all that!

We spent Saturday in Singapore. We got up bright and early (thank you Cody, I know you value what little time you get off) and headed out! Plans were to go to Gardens by the Bay and the Botanical Gardens to see the orchids. We made it to both, but by the time we got to the Botanical Gardens, we were pooped! Like could barely walk, feet and legs ached and just really needed a nap! It surely made me appreciate the energy and stamina I used to have! 

See all those motorcycles/scooters...they're waiting to cross the border too! 
As we walked in, the first thing we saw was Dragonfly lake and the super trees. They use the super trees to destroy all the pruned greenery from the city and produce electricity. Pretty cool! 
There were multiple gardens. Each named related to what was growing there. This was in the Malay garden. There were also the Chinese, Colonial and Indian gardens. I'm not sure which pictures were taken where though. Whoops! 
After spending so much time outdoors, we ventured into the Cloud Forest. It's a big indoor greenhouse with the "worlds largest indoor waterfall." 

There were flowers everywhere. Growing up the sides of the fall, in flower beds along the walkways, everywhere. And it was so COOL in there! For a minute or 2 I forgot I was living on the equator! 

After we left the Cloud Room we ventured via the tube over to the Botanical Gardens. 
These 2 fit right in. Earbuds, music and ignoring everyone around them. 
 I thought these 2 would take a nap. Claire and I just made funny faces and took crazy pics! 

Fun times on the "tube!"
My favorite color! 

Since we were exhausted by this point, I didn't take a ton of pics! You can see them all on my FB page if you're interested. 

We ended our night at Chilis! Good 'ol American food! Yay! 
And booze! Haha! American beer! Cody was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! 

Clark Quay as we were headed back to our car! It was even prettier at night. Too bad I'm too old for the night life! I wouldn't survive! 

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