Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't get charged the white girl price!

It's hot here. And humid. I'm pretty sure I've told y'all that before. And we don't use the AC except at night or if I'm mad at Cody! Haha! But when we moved into our condo, our landlord insisted that we agree to have the air con serviced about every three months. Because in his words...Americans run air con all time! 

Uhm, no dude, these Americans do not run air con all the time! Electricity is too expensive here and we have to pay for that sh*t! 
Here is how I feel most days...I want to crawl in the fridge to cool off. Except then the kids would want in too and there's just not enough room for us all! 

Here's how I imagine Cody feels! :) it's that hot here most days! 

So anyway, back to the air con. <~~That's what they call it here. Not AC, not air conditioner, air con. Every person calls it that, so when in Rome...or Malaysia. 

It's time to get it serviced. Cody calls the guy and sets it up for Monday after 10 am. He looks at the previous bill for the service before we moved in and checks the price. He then looks at me and says "Last time they serviced 4 units, we are only having 3 serviced because we don't use the living room air con. Don't let them charge you the white girl price!

Ok honey, I won't get charged the white girl price! Priceless! 

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