Monday, July 8, 2013

It's the little things...

We've had a vacuum cleaner in our apartment since we moved in. What for you ask? Me too! Seriously...hard wood and tile throughout the whole place. So who needs to vacuum?! Two days ago I discovered the joy of being able to vacuum this place instead of sweeping! And what a joy it is! Seriously! When I sweep these floors, even the tiniest breeze blows dust every where. And the floors need swept every single day! It's pointless. So I drug out the vacuum cleaner and viola! Clean floors, no little bits of hair and lint and one happy Momma! It's the little things these days that thrill me the most! 

Speaking of little things...I found hummus at the grocery store! I was ridiculously excited about it. I went straight back to the chip isle and grabbed some pretzels to eat it with! Then we continued our shopping! 

The other exciting thing I did was CHOP off my maxi dresses to make shirts! It's hot here people and I swear I would sit around half dressed if it were appropriate. It's so not though! So....
Here's a terrible picture, in which I totally blocked my face on purpose, (no make up, hair in a messy sock bun) of the finished product. I'm totally going to rock these shirts for awhile! So comfy and cool! 

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