Monday, July 8, 2013

I suck at blogging.

I've recently discovered tons of blogs. Fashion blogs, mommy blogs, travel blogs, gardening blogs. You name it, there's one out there. Then I figured out, I suck at being a blogger! Haha! I didn't want to bore you all with mundane daily life posts, but everyone else does, so why can't I? Besides...isn't that why you're reading this? To see what we are doing during our invasion of Malaysia! I tell you what we're doing. Nothing for the most part! 😀 Cleaning, homeschool and trying out every new recipe we find. 

Soooooo, in an effort to be a better blogger and give y'all a reason (like you need one) to spend more time online, I'm going to make it a point to post something weekly. Even if its nothing super cool! Enjoy that! 😘

Claire and I had a party on our toes! 
Tatum and Olivia have found that sisters are best friends love! 
Claire and Tucker used their Delta blankets to become super heros! 
Cody continues to lose his sun he used mine to surf the web while outside! 

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