Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The ABC's according to Me!

A is for adult beverage and AJD (she's hilarious and awesome)
         Look at her making that baby girl laugh. Her adult humor is the best too! 

B is best friends! Y'all know who you are! 

C is for Claire and Cody and cuddling 

D is for Droddy...duh! And Dad! And Delta, cause that's who'll be flying my a** home in about 7 months!

E is for exercise, because I have a love/hate relationship with it! Why did J get the good genes? ;)

F is for family, friends and food

G is for guacamole...Cody's is freakin' fantastic! 

H is for home, where your heart is

I is for Internet, because without it, I would be even more bored and lonely! 

J is for little brothers named Jeremy! 
     I sure wish he could make the zillion mile trip over to see us! 

K is for Kentucky

L is for Love...duh! Hahahahaha! 

M is for Mom and Madi Gray! 

N is for No, every moms favorite word to repeat over and over and over. 

O is for Olivia 

P is for pumpkins...fall is mine and Cody's favorite time of year! 

Q is for questions, because we all spend entirely too much time questioning EVERYTHING

R is for rainbows...and all the rainbow pics I've seen on FB from back home. Thanks for making a girl homesick y'all! 

S is for sisters, maybe some day my kids will realize their sisters will end up being their BFF's.

T is for Tatum and Tucker

U is for umbrella...all the Asian ladies carry one to shade themselves from the I layout and continue to worship it! ;)

V is for vegetarians. And enjoying torturing your family with meatless meals! 

W is for watermelon...Tucker and I could eat it all day everyday. 

X is for....Xanax....because sometimes to get in the car here, it's a requirement! Lol

Y is for you...everyone of you reading this silly blog! 

Z is for....zebra! I got nothing! Haha! 

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