Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I yelled at an old man, but hey we had fun!

Saturday we spent the day in Singapore. You all already know that because you're all my FB friends right? Haha! Anyway, we went to the Gardens by the Bay and the Botanical Gardens. We walked and walked and walked, and fun was had by all!
These are the super trees at the Gardens by the Bay. They use the trees to harvest solar energy and destroy pruned greenery to create electricity. They are supposed to be even cooler looking at night, but being the old farts that Cody and I are, we have a 9 pm bedtime. We'll probably never see them lit up! 

There were multiple gardens, each named for what was growing there. This one was not named baby garden! Haha! This picture is taken from the Malay garden. The baby was of an artists son as a newborn...I forgot all the details. Sorry! 

There were 2 domes (greenhouses). We choose to go in the Cloud Dome. It boasts having the worlds largest indoor waterfall! I'm not sure if it is, as I don't believe I've ever saw or heard of an indoor waterfall before, but it was cool. There were plants growing up the entire thing and flowers along the walkways...basically everywhere. And oh, it was sooooo cool in there! Can anyone say...reprieve from the heat? 

This was at the top of the waterfall. You could walk all the way to the top and go back down on walkways around it.

Pretty sure these two were getting married today. Pictures in front of a billion live flowers and a waterfall? Yep, pretty cool. Blue wedding dress? To each their own! 

Public transportation and free air con all around Singapore! We enjoyed it! 

We arrived at the Botanical Gardens already pooped. We were all tired and hungry and didn't spend nearly as much time there as we would have liked. They had some awesome orchids though. We will go back another day when we have more energy! 

Back on the tube...men can wear capri's...right? Wrong! I don't care who you are or were you are, it's still not cute!

We finished our night at Chilis with some good old fashion American food and booze! Yay! 

Then we all pulled our strength together and limped back to our car! Full bellies, sore feet and legs, and sleepy eyes! 
On the way back though I did notice that Singapore is much prettier at night! 

This is Clark Quay at night. There's a Hooters over there...we ate there once. YUCK! I don't like Hooters food at home, and I sure don't like it here either. Besides, don't you go there for the ambiance and views? ;o)

Sorry about that last picture. We were going down the road. 

Oh, and I yelled at an old man! 

Here. This is the "ice skating" rink in the mall. See all those people on the other side...that's the food court and screen of the crime. I usually love old people, but this day...he pissed me off and he knew it! I'll tell ya about that another day!

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